WealthVision: Your Personalized Plan to Wealth Management and an Independent Retirement

Our WealthVision system allows you to build a brighter financial future with a clear and strategic action plan that focuses on your exact needs.

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How Comprehensive Wealth Management Works



To pursue your retirement dreams and goals, we’ve developed a custom, comprehensive, and convenient approach to wealth management. You have unique needs, and today’s cookie-cutter financial planning doesn’t factor in an individual’s hopes and aspirations.



3 Steps to Comprehensive Wealth Management



Step 1: Your free Introductory call to understand your unique strategy.

The purpose of this initial call is simply to have a casual conversation about what it is that you want your money to do for you. Your goals and your dreams. We will discuss which money issues are most important to you, help you prioritize your goals and discuss a plan of action should we decide to work together. Although you are not required to have anything prepared for this first meeting, you may want to jot down any questions that you have about our process or services. You are welcome to have available any financial statements or reports that you would like me to review with you. If it’s a good fit we can move forward in the planning process. There is no cost or obligation.

Step 2: Start the Fact Finding Stage and Draw Up an Action Plan

After completing a brief questionnaire and gathering some information about your current financial status, we then pore through your finances to identify any gaps that may exist within your current financial situation, and look for opportunities for improvement.  Using some of the most sophisticated financial planning software on the market, we will create a customized action plan custom tailored just for you.

During this stage we will…

  • Organize your finances in a way that will help us make smarter decisions.
  • Analyze your cash-flow projections both now and into retirement.
  • Review the long term effects of taxes and inflation.
  • Look for opportunities to save and invest more efficiently.
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Planning Your Wealth management

Step 3: Review your completed plan

Once your plan is ready, we will schedule a time to review your completed WealthVision plan. This is a live interactive presentation that can be done together face to face or, if its more convenient, securely over the web through GotoMeeting.

During your plan presentation we will…

  • Show you how to create a cash flow plan that puts you on the right track for retirement.
  • Understand exactly how and where your retirement income will come from.
  • Show you ways to potentially save money in taxes.
  • Present actionable steps to improve efficiency in how you save and invest.
  • Review multiple “what if” scenarios so you know how different decisions may affect your ability to achieve your goals.
  • Uncover how much risk are you really taking with your portfolio.
  • Learn the chances of running out of money in retirement.
  • Develop a strategy to maximize your Social Security benefits.
  • Choose between the Roth or Traditional retirement accounts.
  • Evaluate insurance policies, do you have enough coverage, are you paying too much?
  • Plan for IRS required minimum distributions from your retirement accounts.

 Your financial goals, retirement dreams, and your current livelihood start with comprehensive wealth management.

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WealthVision provides you clarity and enables you to make smarter decisions about your financial future.

Your Personal Financial Portal

Our goal is to simplify the process of wealth maement. As the financial climate continuously changes, Lethemon Financial keeps vigilant watch over your investments. We ensure that your financial plan works toward your goals with consistent account monitoring.

When you use WealthVision, you receive 24/7 access, so it’s always convenient for you to monitor your investment via computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You’ll never have to wait for mailed statements because you will have up-to-the-minute, consolidated information that enables you to…

  • Make more informed decisions about your money.
  • See all of your investment accounts and bank accounts in one place.
  • Set up custom alerts to notify us of important changes in portfolio or your financial plan.
  • Manage your cash flow and set up a personal budget to better understand your spending patterns.
  • Manage all of your credit card rewards programs in one place.
  • Safely store your most important documents online, for quick and easy access.
Various Electronic Devices
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Secure Information

The security and privacy of your financial information is our top priority. We combine world-class technology with quality storage systems that give you lockdown privacy and peace of mind. 

How our security system works…

  • Our system is non-transactional, so it’s impossible for money to be moved out of the system.
  • Data is stored at SunGard Data Systems, a revolutionary system that protects over $1 trillion dollars in assets.
  • WealthVision is designated at VeriSign Secure Site, where information is routed through an SSL with 256-bit encryption.
  • We are certified hacker safe because our system checks for any vulnerabilities every 15 minutes.

Partner with a Dedicated Financial Advisor

From short-term growth to an independent retirement, Lethemon Financial provides you a plan to take away the stress and uncertainty that come with wealth management and retirement planning.

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